Imagine a Feminist Internet

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Is a feminist internet possible? On April 13-17, APC is bringing together over 50 women's rights, internet rights, and sexual rights activists to think critically about gender, sexuality, and the internet. We invite you to take part in our pre-meeting global conversation on the hashtag #imagineafeministinternet. Here are some of the key questions we seek your inputs on:

How has the internet shifted the way we understand power, politics, activism and agency? How can the internet strengthen and better facilitate feminist activism? What do you think are key issues we need to engage with and interrogate to realise its transformative potential?

How are we discussing the commodification of our bodies, behaviors, thoughts and data? How has the internet disrupted or reinforced capitalist frameworks? Is the internet enabling greater diversity of sexual expression or growing opportunities for the policing of sexuality?

Do we rely too much on the internet for our work? Does activism 2.0 simply satisfy our need to “do something” without truly effecting change?

Take part in the debate! Define and question what it takes to create a feminist internet.

Join the conversation this week on social media and in our mailing list. #imagineafeministinternet

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Published on 05 Apr 2014


The internet has done quite a bit for feminism but has a long way to go to before we can call it a feminist internet. I think it's reflected RL in a virtual space, so the battles are the same and the levels of consciousness haven't really changed. I think we imagined things differently when we first got on social media, but it's certainly more challenging to get campaigns up and running today when there is such an overload of information online. It almost seems like nothing really spreads unless it's trivial - and feminism isn't trivial!

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