Manjima Bhattacharjya

Female Internet Users in Mumbai Negotiate Intimacy and Harm

"The internet has its dangers but is not a dangerous place"


Current directions and recent actions in information and communications technology (ICT) law and policy reflect anxieties around cyberterrorism, resulting in greater regulation of cybercafes, a preoccupation with censoring “obscene” content and protection of children from online harm and sexual content. There are two problems with this: one, that these concerns are not derived from an evidence base and two, that the realities of women users and young people are notably absent.

EroTICs: An Exploratory Research on Sexuality & The Internet - Literature Review

This is the literature review produced as part of the APC WNSP EroTICs: Exploratory Research on Sexuality and the Internet project. It includes women’s rights and feminist approaches to the internet, theoretical frameworks on gender and technology, key themes in literature on sexuality, women and the internet, an assessment of current approaches and frameworks, recommendations of conceptual frameworks for the research project and an extensive bibliography.

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