Nadine Moawad

Nadz works at EROTICS and writes articles and also likes this video very much and hangs out on Twitter.

You shall no longer be strange, internet

I’d bet my internet that one of your first experiences with the digital social had something to do with sex. Unsolicited nudity arriving in your inbox? Hundreds of sex-related IRC channels that popped up while you searched for your local radio chatroom? Pop-ups spiraling out of control on Internet Explorer?

Imagine a Feminist Internet

Grumpy Cat

Is a feminist internet possible? On April 13-17, APC is bringing together over 50 women's rights, internet rights, and sexual rights activists to think critically about gender, sexuality, and the internet. We invite you to take part in our pre-meeting global conversation on the hashtag #imagineafeministinternet. Here are some of the key questions we seek your inputs on:

Who's Afraid of the Big Bad Internet? Internet Regulation and the Queer Movement in Lebanon


The EROTICS research in Lebanon investigated the relationship between the internet in Lebanon and the queer women’s movement since the late 1990s till the present day. It aimed to examine the history and strategies of internet usage by queer women in order to better understand the enabling environment of a free and open internet in Lebanon, which is in contrast to highly censoredinternet in neighbouring Arab countries.

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