Global Monitoring Survey

Throughout the secon phase of the EROTICS project, The Association for Progressive Communications’ Women’s Rights Programme (WRP) has initiated a monitoring survey for sexual rights activists as its first activity.

Available in eight languages (english, spanish, french, protuguese, arabic, chinese, indonesia, vietnamese, hindi) , the survey seeks to expose the difficulties that sexuality rights activists face in developing free and full access to the internet for their work as advocates.

A global monitoring tool, it will document and capture the value of the internet in sexual rights advocacy as well as the obstacles, threats and challenges faced by activists working on sexuality and sexual rights when using the internet for their work. An analysis of the findings aims to provide an evidence-based snapshot for policy advocacy and engagement in internet governance and to strengthen the capacity of advocates for sexual rights, women’s rights and gender equality to resist internet content regulation and to participate in this process.

The first round of the survey was conducted in March 2013. A second round of the sruvey will be undertaken in the first months of 2014.

You can read the survey preliminary findings here.

Survey Infographic
From the preliminary Global Monitoring Survey analysisFirst round: March 2013 
Libertad: Graffiti
Preliminary analysis of survey resultsMarch 2013 roundHas the internet become an indispensable tool for feminist and LGBTQI (1) LGBTQI stands for Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual,...