freedom of expression

Porn. Panic. Ban.

I’m convinced we’re having the wrong conversation around digital porn.

EROTICS in Feminist Africa 18: e-spaces / e-politics

Enter Feminist Africa 18 – offering a unique perspective to independent public discourse on the implications of global digitisation, presenting African perspectives that emerge out of feminist praxis across the continent. This issue follows up on issue 17 (Researching Sexuality with Young Women: Southern Africa, 2012), keeping pace with the rapid expansion of cyberfeminism by presenting the latest on African women’s ongoing and remarkable contribution to this global arena.

EROTICS in Brazil: The complex universe of sexuality on the internet

Sexuality Policy Watch (SPW) and the Latin American Centre on Sexuality and Human Rights (CLAM) teamed up together to conduct the EroTICs research in Brazil. In an interview with Flavia Fascendini, they talk about their participation in the project as an opportunity to address the nuanced impact of new Internet legislation on sexuality. They approached this complex issue from two sides: looking at legislative and public policy on the one hand, and at expressions of sexual minorities on the other.

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