Russia’s Main Online Support Group For LGBT Teens May Soon Be Blocked

“Obviously, we will soon be closed on the territory of the Russian Federation,” Children-404 leader Elena Klimova wrote on the VKontakte social network.

A St. Petersburg court has ruled in favor of blocking Children-404, an online support group for LGBT Russian teens, the group’s leader Elena Klimova said today on the Russian social network VKontakte.

“Because of the internet, I have been able to help women in Pakistan,” says blogger

The internet is viewed as a great equaliser of our times, providing access to opportunities and information at an unprecedented level. As internet users are set to become a three-billion-strong community this year, it becomes ever so important to step back, look beyond our own individual usage and see if this open and sustainable platform really is accessible to everyone equally and freely.

RightsCon 2015: Cyber sex(y), gender balance and violence

Civil society organisations, engineers, activists, lawyers, companies and governments gathered in Manila on 24-25 March to address the subject of the internet and human rights in this rapidly evolving region, in an effort to protect the open internet and defend the digital rights of its users. APC and members organised several panels were violence against women online and survivor's access to justice, hate speech, sexual rights and sexuality on the internet were discussed.


EROTICS in Brazil: The complex universe of sexuality on the internet

Sexuality Policy Watch (SPW) and the Latin American Centre on Sexuality and Human Rights (CLAM) teamed up together to conduct the EroTICs research in Brazil. In an interview with Flavia Fascendini, they talk about their participation in the project as an opportunity to address the nuanced impact of new Internet legislation on sexuality. They approached this complex issue from two sides: looking at legislative and public policy on the one hand, and at expressions of sexual minorities on the other.

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