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EROTICS, activism and feminist porn

Caroline Tagny interviewed Rohini Lashkané, who used to work with EROTICS India, and Sheena Magenya, from the Coalition of African Lesbians during the Global meeting on gender, sexuality and the internet in April 2014 to ask them how they understand pornography from their respective contexts, and how do they engage their activism with the intersection between sexual rights and internet rights.

Caroline Tagny: Should we start by introducing ourselves?

Youth, Sex and the Law - Content Regulation in US Publicly Funded Libraries


The focus of the EROTICS research in the United States is the access and restriction to information about sexuality. We conducted a study in libraries across the US to try to answer our questions about the effects of mandated filters on access to information in the name of preventing young people from accessing “harmful content.” Our goal was to see what material was being filtered, which technologies were in use and what decision-making processes were at work.

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