LOOM (Nepal)

Registered in 2010, Loom is a feminist platform that recognises the diversity and intersectionality of women of Nepal and collaboratively engages to dismantle the power hierarchy, sustain activism, and reimagine feminist movement.

LOOM works towards harnessing the collective power of women through multi-generational activism, where activists across ages and experiences connect, organise and transform structures that obstruct our equality.

In 2017, LOOM conducted the first research in Nepal on “The internet and sexual expression: use of the internet by women’s rights activists, young women activists and gender and sexual rights activists”. The research illustrated that internet was accessed for freedom of expression, right to information, and digital movement building. Yet some bodies were more surveilled and regulated , and online violence was a manifestation of offline discrimination. Access to technology through digital story telling, re imagining the internet as a feminist space, and using the feminist principles of the internet are some key strategies to frame feminist knowledge and engagement.

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