What is EROTICS?

EROTICS is a network of activists and researchers working on the intersections of sexuality and the internet. Find out more here.

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The EROTICS project documents and studies internet-based violations of sexual rights and activism. Read more about our 2017 Global Monitoring Survey results here.

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EroTICs, an exploratory research aims to narrow the gap between political assumptions and a better understanding of content and "harm" based on women’s real experience of sexuality online.


An introduction to the exploratory researches in Turkey, Indonesia and India

EROTICS II consolidated and provided the necessary continuity for deepening learnings, challenges and witnessing developments. As a crucial areas of work, the interconnection between sexuality and...

The prurient, the explicit, the private

In 2015 Point of View started an exploratory study that looked at the two linked concepts of consent and privacy: the first one emanating from sexual rights, the other one from the internet...

2017 Survey Now Launched!

Sexuality, rights and internet regulation...
Porn. Panic. Ban.

I’m convinced we’re having the wrong conversation around digital porn.

Late last year, the...