EROTICS Bangladesh

EROTICS Bangladesh began as a series of explorations and interventions on sexual agency and digital spaces. Its goal has been to understand, highlight and create a foundation for online access and organizing prioritizing rights, freedom and agency for people with diverse gender and sexual orientation backgrounds. In the two years since its inception in 2018, EROTICS Bangladesh has produced research, experimented with creating safe spaces for collaboration, forged networks with affinity groups and launched Tales to Share, a series of storytelling workshops.

Tools and Resources from EROTICS Bangladesh:


Surveys, research reports and web zines can be accessed here

In Between Time, Quarantine Notes

  • In Between Time came together quickly. As a nationwide general holiday/lockdown was announced end of March to tackle the spread of COVID-19 and the everyday came to an abrupt halt, accompanied by a sense of disarray, uncertainty and ennui, not to mention the material and emotional hardship, the need for mutually supportive networks and community became all the more pressing. Being there for each other has never beenso urgent. Quarantine has changed the way we see and live in the world and clarified once again the fault lines and the connections – who gets support, how do we connect to others, what do we and others mean and how
    are they conceived? As a collection, this document is an entry of those multiple voices, of their moods, feelings, yearnings and necessities living under quarantine. The contributions are in Bangla and English. The majority of the contributors to this volume has diverse educational, ecomonic, gender and sexual orientation backgrounds, and geographic locations. The volume is a micro record of a momentous time.

Tales to Share – Storytelling Workshop Series

Tales to Share is a series of storytelling workshops. The aim of the workshop is to build safe spaces for creative expression and collaboration with participants drawn from diverse backgrounds and experiences. The materials presented here were produced by participants and facilitators in the workshops.

Digital stories and multimedia content can be accessed here