A Collective Journey with Bangladesh

EROTICS South Asia Regional Monitoring Survey – Bangladesh Country Report

The survey focuses on university-aged students, sex workers and queer community members and frequent internet users as the exploratory research, primarily young adults/university students, professionals, sex workers and queer community members. It was distributed online but also included in-person survey interviews with the specific intent to reach sex workers, the hijra community and university students. The survey aims to convey a pattern of digital space use as well as to engage with the greater community’s vulnerable and ignored and to explore their internet use (e.g. sex workers, hijra community).

Tales to Share – Storytelling Workshop Series

Tales to Share is a series of storytelling workshops. The aim of the workshop is to build safe spaces for creative expression and collaboration with participants drawn from diverse backgrounds and experiences. The materials presented here were produced by participants and facilitators in the workshops.


This exploratory study is part of a larger project to imagine online spaces as spaces for care, community and pleasure. the study explores how people navigate online spaces and platforms, how they are circumscribed in expressing desire, how they circumvent the limitations of that space, and how they live and want to live on the internet, particularly how specific communities in Bangladesh who use the internet heavily – sex workers, members from the LGBTQI community, students and youth – are creating those online bastions of support for themselves and how to facilitate their efforts. Among several other upcoming interventions including a survey, the study lays the groundwork for understanding key issues pertaining to online sexual expression in Bangladesh, supporting grassroots networks and mobilizing resources for policy and advocacy campaigns and further research.