Sexuality and Politics: Regional Dialogues from the Global South

Between March of 2009 and September of 2011, Sexuality Policy Watch (SPW) organized a series of three regional Dialogues in Asia, Latin America and Africa and one inter-regional meeting to critically reflect on Sexuality and (Geo) Politics.  These conversations revolved around four sets of intersections: (1) sexuality, the state and political processes; (2) sexuality and economics; (3) sexuality, science and technology; and (4) sexuality, religion and politics.  They involved 85 researchers and activists from 25 countries and discussed thirty-seven background papers on these topics.

Interview with Nana Darkoa: Adventures from the bedroom of an African woman Interview with Nana Darkoa: Adventures from the bedroom of an African woman

Three (and many more) online is not a crowd – neither online nor offline. That is what the multi-award-winning blog Adventures from the bedrooms of African women posits. In this interview, one of the blog’s founders and writers, Nana Darkoa from Ghana, talks about how this space started, what the boundaries are, and what it takes to build a safe and free space where African women can openly discuss a variety of issues related to sex, pleasure and sexuality – in spite of trolls and bad kissers.

EROTICS in Feminist Africa 18: e-spaces / e-politics

Enter Feminist Africa 18 – offering a unique perspective to independent public discourse on the implications of global digitisation, presenting African perspectives that emerge out of feminist praxis across the continent. This issue follows up on issue 17 (Researching Sexuality with Young Women: Southern Africa, 2012), keeping pace with the rapid expansion of cyberfeminism by presenting the latest on African women’s ongoing and remarkable contribution to this global arena.

EroTICs: An Exploratory Research on Sexuality & The Internet - Literature Review

This is the literature review produced as part of the APC WNSP EroTICs: Exploratory Research on Sexuality and the Internet project. It includes women’s rights and feminist approaches to the internet, theoretical frameworks on gender and technology, key themes in literature on sexuality, women and the internet, an assessment of current approaches and frameworks, recommendations of conceptual frameworks for the research project and an extensive bibliography.

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