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Let’s talk about safe sex, a guide on making informed decision

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Developed in association with a Sri Lankan feminist and queer organization

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Given the stigma and social unease surrounding the topic of sex and sexuality, it is no surprise that sex is a taboo topic in Sri Lanka. Even though it is a natural part of our lives, open discussions about sex, pleasure and sexuality is often condemned.

This unfortunately leads to a lot of misinformation, miscommunication and people not being able to make informed decisions regarding sex.

Aspects such as consent, contraception and sexual diversity are core principles that are often neglected. The lack of comprehensive sexual education that includes these can even lead to internalized shame, the ill-treatment of partners, the spread of STIs and unplanned pregnancies.

Being fully aware of our sexual reproductive health and rights is crucial for our wellbeing. Understanding sex helps us be safe during intercourse and encourages healthy communication. An important part of understanding sex is learning the facts and science around your reproductive system. Coupling science with sensibility, helps you and your partner(s) be safe.

The more you know and understand, the more confident you will feel about your body and yourself. Remember – Safe is the new sexy. Smart is the next sexy. Stay informed and have fun