What is EROTICS?

EROTICS is a network of activists and researchers working on the intersections of sexuality and the internet. Find out more here.

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The EROTICS project documents and studies internet-based violations of sexual rights and activism. Read more about our 2013 Global Monitoring Survey results here.

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EroTICs, an exploratory research aims to narrow the gap between political assumptions and a better understanding of content and "harm" based on women’s real experience of sexuality online.


Facebook: The king laid bare and the drag queens

The social network created by Mark Zuckerberg recently suspended the profiles of drag queens whose pages were under their stage names. The performers suddenly found themselves blocked from their...

Queering internet governance in Indonesia

In Indonesia, sexuality has gradually become a more and more open public discourse. Conflict on discourse of sexuality expands through the use of Internet. On the one hand, internet has given...

Why do the Feminist Principles of the Internet matter?

There were several sessions and side meetings at the 9th Internet Governance Forum (IGF). Out of those, there were only a few on gender and sexuality. The Gender...

Tools and Tactics for the LGBTI Community in sub-Saharan Africa

Welcome to Security in-a-Box Community Focus: digital security tools and tactics for the LGBTI community in sub-Saharan Africa.

Security in-a-box is a collaborative effort of the...