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The EROTICS project documents and studies internet-based violations of sexual rights and activism. Read more about our 2013 Global Monitoring Survey results here.

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EroTICs, an exploratory research aims to narrow the gap between political assumptions and a better understanding of content and "harm" based on women’s real experience of sexuality online.


Why internet rights matter for Africa(ns)

How Google and I are raising a child

When I found myself suddenly having to care for and look after my new born child alone, I panicked. I panicked because I had never done...

Feminist Principles of the Internet

An evolving document

Developed at the Gender, Sexuality and the Internet Meeting organized by the Association for Progressive Communications

13-15 April, 2014

You shall no longer be strange, internet

I’d bet my internet that one of your first experiences with the digital social had something to do with sex. Unsolicited nudity arriving in your inbox? Hundreds of sex-related ...

Becoming an agent of change

Are feminists bored with online activism? Cyber feminists’ minor politics and affirmative political approach often presents us with dynamic, thematic and changeable maps of affinities, of...